A Home With New Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass Window Installation & Replacement

We provide fiberglass window installation and replacement for homeowners in the Western PA region. Continue reading to learn more out our window offering by Beechworth Windows.

Fiberglass Windows in a New Kitchen

We proudly furnish and install Beechworth Windows the home improvement industry’s most trusted brand of Fiberglass Windows

Installing fiberglass windows in your home or business has clear advantages over other types of replacement window materials, such as vinyl, aluminum or wood. While each has its pros, fiberglass windows have superior qualities over other window materials. Fiberglass windows are best known for having strength, durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.


Stronger Compared to Vinyl

Fiberglass windows’ superior strength stops unsightly sagging and helps prevent windows from sticking. Their shape and structure also holds much longer over the lifetime of your home.


We proudly furnish and install Beechworth Windows, the home improvement industry’s most trusted brand of Fiberglass Windows. These windows provide tough durable fiberglass where you need it outside of the window, and warm beautiful wood where you want it — inside of your home!

With a perfect combination like that, you’ll never want to even think about using another type of window again.

Does Your Home Need Its Windows Replaced?

Consider the particulars of your home first. When was it built? What is its style? Are you looking to make your windows an enhancement of the exterior, or a subtle finishing touch? And that’s just the look.

There’s still so much more to think about. Below are some guidelines to help you consider all the factors. 

  • Are interior rooms consistently comfortable?
  • Do you feel drafts or cool air around the windows?
  • Are you hoping these new windows will establish a different look, or simply serve as replacements?
  • Do you see cracks, rot or deteriorating wood around your existing windows?
  • Is it difficult to open or close your windows?
  • Do you see fog or condensation on your windows?

Choose from a Wide Selection of Interior, Exterior & Hardware Style Options Below.

Fiberglass Window Exterior Color Finishes

Frost White
Sand Beige
Tudor Bronze
Cabin Brown
Pottery Gray
Onyx Black

Fiberglass Window Interior Color Finishes


Fiberglass Window Hardware Color Finishes

Rustic Bronze
Brushed Nickel

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